Rootooba is a food and feed-based platform that offers multi-sector and multidisciplinary evidence based and uniquely tailored solutions in diverse contexts across the agricultural value chain.

We aim to optimize on the very needed yet scarce resources for addressing food scarcity, nutrition and safety in the African continent.



A transformed agricultural sector for improved livelihoods



To support agricultural sector progression by offering stakeholders a one-stop shop for agri-based solutions to ensure a food secure people in a rapidly evolving socio-economic environment.

 Organization of agri-tourism safari packages for awareness creation and boosting technology transfer.

Technical/scientific coordination for agri-based events, conferences and high-level discussant sessions.

 Facilitation of stakeholder consultations for development of critical agri-based initiatives.

Capacity building in the agricultural sector addressing various facets of the food and feed value chain.

Strategy development for agri-based business start-ups.


Rootooba prides itself in having a strong team of experts who are well rounded and vastly experienced in matters impacting on the growth of the agricultural sector by engaging the public and private sector players.